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lens cleaning paper, lens cleaning tissue 发布时间:2020-01-16 11:13:00

lens cleaning paper,lens cleaning tissue.thin,soft,made of be use for wipe the lens,cleaning optical glasses,bulbs,microscope,camera lens,TV screen,medical apparatus.specification: 10cmx15cm、8.5x11cm,GSM:11 g/m2.
products through ISO 9001.UL,SGS certification.
products introduction

Name of Product Purpose Model、Specification Packing Quantity
pH test paper To measure the PH value of solutions 82 g/m2
Universal Indicator Paper(1-14)
Special Indicator Paper(0.5-5.0、3.8-5.4、5.4-7.0、5.5-9.0、6.4-8.0、8.2-10)

50 volumes/box
1000 volumes/case
Lens cleaning paper To wipe the lens 11 g/m2 10x15、8.5x11cm 100  pcs/volume
200 volumes/case
Silk Flower Paper To make paper flower 60 g/m2
80 g/m2
100 g/m2
120 g/m2
60x60、60x120 cm 100 pcs/pack
1000 pcs/case
Chromatography Paper For chromatographic techniques 100 g/m2
180 g/m2
60x60 cm 100 pcs/pack
1000 pcs/case
Seed Germination Paper For seeds to germinate 80 g/m2 60x60、19x13、11.5x11.5 cm 500 pcs/pack
6000 psc/case
High strength filter paper to filter 270 g/m2 60x60、80x80、100x100 cm 100 pcs/pack
1000 pcs/article
Leather paper To make all kinds of labels 0.4mm 0.6mm 1.5m Roll
Nonwoven wallcoverings To make wallpaper 130 g/m2
150 g/m2
560mm  730mm